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27 August 2009 @ 10:43 pm
Fahrenheit/Super Junior in KOREA!! [crossover/oneshot]  
Title: Fahrenheit's Adventures in Korea
Fandom: Fahrenheit, Super Junior
Genre: AU; Crossover
Word Count: 942
Rating: PG
A/N: Written for 2009 IDOL CROSSOVER (SMUT) ANONYMEME. Written at 3 or 4am, so it's not completely sane. First crossover attempt ever.

The bright sun shined off Jiro’s dark aviators as he strutted down the Korean market street and closed his eyes to enjoy the the smell of freshly made pork chops wafting through the air. A jewelry stand off to the side full of silver necklaces caught his attention as he dashed over, completely forgetting about the rest of his band members trailing behind him. He pushed his sunglasses up as he walked over, picking up a silver chain and inspecting it, liking the way it glistened in the light. He turned to pay the owner only to find him mere inches from a face dawning white sunglasses and the biggest smirk he had ever seen.

“You like it?”, the man whispered, making sure Jiro could feel his breath on his lips.

The stunned Taiwanese man jumped back before throwing a handful of bills at the man, grabbing the chain, and sprinting down the street.

Heechul slid off his sunglasses and laughed manically as he watched Jiro disappear among the crowd.

Aaron’s doe eyes grew bigger as he eyed the toy stands lining the street, his smile growing bigger with each model airplane car he saw. Always stopping at each shop to play the closest car, he had managed to wander off from the rest of Fahrenheit, not that he minded. Suddenly he heard a loud vroom, causing his head to snap up and drop the car he was playing with as he rushed into the street. His head swerved around, trying to find its source, but was soon distracted as he saw a miniature airplane flying above him. Aaron threw down his Pokemon bookbag as he jumped up and tried to reach the flying toy. However, every time it seemed like he would reach it, the plane dove away from his fingers. Disgruntled, he reached down and picked up his bag, and then resorted to searching for the controller of the plane.

Hearing a couple of snickers behind him, he turned to see a young man with a train conductor hat huddled over the black controller. The other one with the tongue sticking was busily shouting out directions, pointing them out lively with his hands.

Aaron carefully walked over to them, scared that they might make the airplane suddenly attack him.

Hearing footsteps, the two looked up and greeted the shy Chinese boy with a loud “hi”, wide smiles plastered on their faces.

“What ‘cha doin’?” Aaron asked sheepishly before deciding to take another step towards them.

“We’re attacking people with our airplane!!” the two exclaimed in unison before turning to each other, making a face, and laughing. One, which Aaron noticed, was laughing with his mouth wide open, while the other was emitting unusually high pitched giggles.

“Wanna help us?” the shorter one asked as he handed the controller over to Aaron, watching his face light up as he nodded.

It was decided then. Donghae would draw out the plans, Sungmin would call them out, and Aaron would steer the plane.

Wu Zun walked past the little shop casually, but suddenly stopped and backtracked back to the store’s entrance. He strained his ears as he smiled, recognizing the music that was playing from the back of the room. He walked in, following the sound, which led him to the back of the store. As he neared its source, he noticed a small crowd circled around a person who dancing in the middle. Wu Zun peeked in between shoulders to see a young man dancing passionately, his arms and legs flailing as he kept up with the beat. Inspired by this man and the nostalgic tune, he jumped into the middle and started to rock his hips and move his arms as best as he could, but still awkwardly, to the music. He closed his eyes and smiled as he continued to dance, feeling more confident as he flung his arms out and kicked his legs.

Both Yesung and Wu Zun were oblivious to the snickers from the crowd.

Calvin Chen slowly walked down the street making sure to beam his famous smile at every girl that passed him. Off to the left, he took notice of a bookstore, causing him to gasp in excitement as he rushed over to its entrance. Before opening the door, he remembered about his band mates who were with him. He decided it was best to tell them where he was planning to go, and then maybe deciding a meeting place later on. He spun around, stopping mid sentence as he realized none of his friends were him anymore. He huffed as he stared into the busy crowd in front of him with no trace of any of them anywhere.

Quickly brushing it out of his mind, he turned and soon entered the shop, loving the scent of new books. He skipped down each aisle skimming over each book before his eyes grew big as he finally found the gaming cheats section. Grabbing the latest edition for Starcraft he situated himself into a couch, flipped it open, and began to read.

He wasn’t even five pages into it before he watched a shadow cover his pages and felt someone staring down at him. Calvin slowly lifted up his head to gaze up at a tall man with tousled brown hair. The man smiled his brilliant smile before he asked in a deep voice, “Hey, you. Can you share that with me? It’s the last copy, and I’d really like to read it.”

The Taiwanese man nodded, scooting over to make room for him.

Kyuhyun and Calvin spent the rest of the day reading through the magazine.
THE shadowtailmonshadowtailmon on August 28th, 2009 05:57 am (UTC)
yay!! fahrenheit/suju crossover!! >w<
i bet i could bond with my friend with this fic XD
and squeeze more suju fandom into her

all of the section seems so cute >w<
i can't tell which part i like the best
Stephanie Barbie Leeahmilli on August 28th, 2009 10:27 am (UTC)
Yay, I love Fahrenheit/Suju crossovers~ x3

LOL at Heechul scaring the crap out of Jiro.

Awww, Donghae and Sungmin are so cute! It's like they're all little kids, including Aaron! (I love his big, doe eyes too)

OH GOD. Yesung and Wu Zun. Didn't expect that pairing!
But it works. They are both attractive men who don't know how to dance.

I think the Kyuhyun/Calvin one was my favorite story though. Because when you imagine them reading a book together, it looks really cute.

You do Fahrenheit/Suju crossovers justice.
Sky: Poison filled Woo-cheeksshinelikethesky on August 30th, 2009 05:52 pm (UTC)
Heechul's so mischievous, scaring poor Jiro, haha~

Attacking people with an airplane seems like a Donghae/Sungmin thing to do. Enlisting Aaron was brilliant~ XD I want to help them too!

Yesung and Wu Zun dancing together was quite amusing. ^^ <3

And Kyuhyun and Calvin reading magazines together was cute.